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A next generation diamond polishing compound, this polish features extremely high diamond concentrations, easy water clean up and extremely fast polishing. This Diamond Compound comes as a hard compound which reminds you of a crayon. Easily picked up with a brush or whatever you are using to polish, it sticks to the stone and will not get flung off like regular pastes.  This also picks up all the polishing debris keeping  your environment dust free. Then the clean up is as simple as washing off with water..

Supplied in small plastic tubs or as sticks. The sticks are excellent for easily applying it to a buff wheel or flat lap.  This compound is loved by facetors where they can coat a lap or concave mandrel to quickly polish their stone.

The 14000 polish is our normal Final Polish, it is a 14000/50000 grit mix and is great on most stones and opals.  It will give a superb final polish.

We have a NEW 14K polish developed for those who work with Welo Opal.  We received complaints that the yellow colorant would transfer to the opal.  This new 14K polish is without color so nothing will not transfer to the opal.  So now, with the 3000 and 14K, you can easily finish your opal without worry.

The 50000 polish is an Extra Fine Polish for that extra step on harder stones and opal.  It consists as a 50000/100000 grit mix.

Super Polish comes in 3 gram tubs or sticks...  the 3000 and 50,000 come in 4 gram units.

 In a word, WOW! Available in 325, 600, 1200, 2000, 3000, 14000, and 50000.

$25 ea, 3/$66, 5/$100 Buying 5 or more automatically brings the price to $20 ea,

Use Discount Code SUPER to get the 3 / 66 price

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